O’s Are Important

We are heading to Vieques tomorrow to set up the bungalows with furniture. We have deployed an “international less than container load freight consolidator”, FedEx, UPS, Sears, and the USPS to get items there. In total we have been tracking more than 40 shipments. We do not even want to speculate how much of it will arrive on time and in what condition, but we are excited about finally furnishing and decorating both units. We will have our first renters over the Christmas Holidays, and maybe some even some sooner.

Laurel has sewn curtains, throws, and pillows and I was tasked with getting eleven boxes shipped to the Bungalows. We live close to the border of upstate New York so I opted to send them via USPS as from all accounts this would be the most economical as well as a trustworthy method. I anticipated a potential problem with U.S. customs as I crossed into the States. In preparation of any type of interrogation I typed and a printed a list of the contents of every box.

As I headed out the door Laurel asked if I had my passport. “Affirmative, and I have also prepared a Manifesto for the U.S. customs officer”. “A what”? “I have prepared a Shipping Manifesto of all the items that I have in the boxes” I responded. “That is a Shipping Manifest, you dummy”. “Not a Manifesto”. “A Manifesto is not something you want to share at the U.S. border” she said.

“Oh, kind of like the Communist Manifesto” I declared.

O’s can make a big difference.


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  1. Mary Benge Reply

    Lol! Good luck with it all, and have a fun playing house!!!!

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    • Murray Skinner Reply

      Thanks. We hope all is well with you two…

  2. Nancy Carr Reply

    Murray, I am having a yard sale soon and have many new items you may be interested in. Call me anytime to see the items. I even have a single bed still in the plastic wrap and never used. I live in Isabel. Nancy 787-405-9444

  3. NIKE AIR MAX 95 Reply

    What’s up, I read your new stuff regularly. Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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