Hocus Pocus – Time to Refocus

The renovations have  been challenging.  Much more challenging than we expected.  Instead of turning this blog into some sort of therapeutic venting channel, I thought it would be wise to get refocused on why we bought the Bravos Bungakows in the first place.

Our dream has always been  to escape the cold of Canada for the Caribbean and are confident that choosing Vieques was a wise choice.  It is unique in the Caribbean  and successfully captures the imagination of most who visit.  The house is located in the garden district of Bravos de Boston, and while not right on the beach, there is one just a minute or two away.  This beach is close enough to enjoy a morning coffee or a sunset cocktail.

We know that with the new pool and tropical gardens it will be a successful rental and an ideal place for us visit and enjoy.  Lazy days reading by the pool and trips to the multitude of world class beaches, sprinkled in with visits to any of the surprising number of excellent restaurants will make for great visits.

Lastly, our hope is that our kids will enjoy the island and that we can leave this place as a gift to them when we take that final trip to the boat drink bar in the sky.  Both our kids have visited and were smitten by the island and anxious to get back.  For this we should be, and are very happy.

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