Gran Parada

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While we visited Vieques this fall to set up and furnish our house for the upcoming rental season, we probably bit of more than we could chew. We visited no beaches except for La Chata beach at the end of our street for our morning coffee before we started at least 12 hours of labour for 13 consecutive days. Are we complaining? No. Are we proud and happy with what we accomplished…you damn straight.

Perhaps the one reprieve we had was when our next door neighbour found out it was Laurel’s birthday while we were there. Edguardo took it upon to himself to organize a last minute Gran Parada. We had snacks, copious amounts of Medalla, birthday cake (key lime pie actually), a free medley swimming exhibition in our pool including a stellar butterfly stroke, as well as a guitar folk festival presented by a one armed guitar player. Does this sound a little bizarre to you? Well it was but our rented party helped add a small level of festivity to Laurel’s birthday and made us that more appreciative to have Edguardo as our neighbour. No let me take that back. To have Edguardo as our friend.

Edguardo enjoying the Gran Parada…


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